School Visit Programme

IRGT School Visit Programme

As part of our commitment to develop public awareness of what fantastic pets greyhounds make, the IRGT team are offering free workshops and learning opportunities to interested groups.

Our workshops are conducted and tailored for in classroom learning and feature Lily the Greyhound with her Owner and are offered free of charge.

Learning Objectives:

  • Educate children on the care and welfare of dogs

Methodology: What is the IRGT, what do we do?

  • Tell Lilys story, her racing career, and her move to her current role as IRGT Ambassador
  • Engage children with details on what a greyhound eats for breakfast (Weetabix!) to how many toes they have, to how (just like children!) they need to brush their teeth every day!
  • Chat about how fast greyhounds run, but also they love nothing more than sleeping on the couch!

Planning our visit:

  1. Email us at with details of Date | Class size | Location
  2. Our team will confirm the visit and send a full learning plan
  3. Each student will receive an information pack from Lily!


It is a legal requirement that all IRGT representatives must be fully insured and Greyhound Ambassadors are always muzzled.

A copy of our insurance is available on request

Recent School Visit: