Popular Darren

Race name: Popular Darren

Pet name: Darren 

Earmarks: PB VAB

Colour: Brindle 

Date of Birth.: 12-4-2014

Sex: Male

Weight: 33.5Kgs

Temperament: Great temperament, A large, wonderful easy going greyhound

Around children: No issues when in the company of children

Around other breeds of dog: He has never acted in an aggressive manner around other breeds

Around cats: Not cat friendly

Medical history: Broke a hock when exercising, This injury has heeled well following veterinary treatment and is now able to exercise in a small paddock with the injury affecting him in any way, Walks fine on a lead and does not limp, However, it would be in his best  interest that he would not be given too much freedom to exercise until after the summer months

Ready for rehoming: Mid-June