Steeple Rd Chris

Race Name: Steeple Rd Chris
Pet Name: Chris
Earmark: MYLKV
Colour: Fawn
Date of Birth: 03/04/2012
Sex: Male
General Temperament: A mild mannered, gentle greyhound

Temperament around children: Very mild mannered around children of all ages
Temperament around other breeds: Has been socialised with small dogs over the last month or so and is now calm in their company, He is also OK around medium and large dogs
Temperament around cats: Not cat friendly
Other information: A greyhound who loves nothing more than laying about relaxing, Adores human interaction especially belly and head rubs, A right attention seeker, A big strong but extremely loving greyhound, Has clamed down a lot since retiring and being neutered, Loves the outdoors, A beautiful greyhound in looks, charm and personality, Should make a wonderful pet and he has plenty of experience of living in a home environment, Adores sleeping on a couch
Medical history: Injured a toe in March and was treated at vets at the time, Had slight Arthritis but this has now gone as he has just been resting and relaxing for a few months, Fully recovered from all his previous ailments and is now fit and healthy

Height: 70cms - Weight: Approx. 38Kgs
Available for rehoming: Ready for transporting/rehoming