Bionic Beauty

Race Name: Bionic Beauty

Pet Name: Beauty
Earmark: PBHJK

Colour: Black

Date of Birth: 22/06/2014

Sex: Female

Height: 68cms - Weight: 27Kgs

General Temperament: Quiet, unassuming lady

Temperament with children: Has not had any experience of living in an environment with children but she has never acted in an aggressive manner around people

Temperament with other dogs: Has not had any experience of being around a small dog but this is being worked on

Temperament around Cats: Unlikely to be cat friendly

Other information: Beauty by name and beauty by nature, Since retiring is showing all the attributes to suggest that she will make a great pet and companion, Has had a little experience of living in a home environment and knows exactly what a sofa is for, A lady who enjoys being walked on a lead and is relatively easy to control when out and about, Might be a little timid when first meeting her adopter but she will be a loving and loyal companion especially if you have any treats handy as she loves all of them and would be a willing taster for any new treats, Would be suitable as an only dog or to share a home with another greyhound

Medical history: Retiring fit and healthy

Available for rehoming: Early September 2017