Carefree Lily

Race name: Carefree Lily

Pet Name: Lily

Earmark: QBLEV

Colour: Black

Date of Birth: 04/05/2015

Sex: Female

Weight: 32Kgs

General Temperament: A very calm and gentle lady

Temperament around children:  Extremely well behaved around children

Temperament around other breeds of dog: Has never shown aggression around large or medium sized dogs

Temperament around cats: When recently seeing the owners pet cat she did not act up at all, However great care would need to be taken if going to a home with a cat

Other information:  A well built friendly and kind hearted lady who adores human interaction, She really enjoys being exercised on a lead but her favourite past time is sleeping, She likes nothing better than to lie down and relax on her return from a nice walk, A greyhound who just adores to be petted and made a fuss of and has all the qualities to suggest that she would make a great pet

Medical history: Retiring fit and healthy

Available for rehoming: Early September