Dawstown Brandy

Race name: Dawstown Brandy

Pet Name: Brandy

Earmark: QLXAQ

Colour: Black

Date of Birth: 07/07/2015

Sex: Male

Weight: 31Kgs – Height: 68cms

General Temperament: An extremely outgoing and fun loving greyhound

Temperament around children: Has never acted in an aggressive manner around any person

Temperament around other breeds of dog: Has never shown aggression and has always wanted to play when encountering other dogs

Temperament around cats: Unlikely to be cat friendly

Other information:  A very playful greyhound who falls in love with anyone who gives him attention, Outgoing and friendly, A kind natured boy has all the characteristics to suggest that he would make a great pet and companion, Took part in the recent Strolls To GAIN Homes campaign and behaved himself well, Would be best suited to a family with responsible children as he can be quite strong on a lead when commencing his walk

Medical history: Bar pulling his left hamstring a little while back he is retiring fit and healthy

Available for rehoming: Mid to late September