Feed Me Rump

Race name: Feed Me Rump

Pet Name: Mo

Earmark: QXHDH

Colour: Black

Date of Birth: 27/06/2015

Sex: Female

Height: 69cms

Weight: 27Kgs

General Temperament: Affectionate and outgoing

Temperament around children: No issues around children

Temperament around other breeds of dog: Mo is currently compatible with medium and large breeds but if she was to wear a muzzle for a week or so to get used to smaller dogs she would be okay, She lives with a male greyhound at the moment not muzzled and gets on well with him but this is because she knows him well

Temperament around cats: Not cat friendly

Other information: Mo is very affectionate around humans and adores human interaction, She can be very giddy and very often acts like a puppy, Would prefer a home where there are no other pets

Medical history: Retiring fit and healthy in every way

Available for rehoming: Mid to late July