Lads Lex

Race Name: Lads Lex

Pet Name: Lex
Earmark: NLAPT

Colour: Brindle

Date of Birth: 04/07/2013

Sex: Male

Height: 69cms - Weight: 33Kgs

General Temperament: 

Temperament with children: A greyhound who has plenty of experience of being handled by young children

Temperament with other dogs: Has not had any experience of living with other breeds of dog, Has not acted in an aggressive manner when meeting another dog when being exercised

Temperament around Cats: Not cat friendly

Other information: Has lived in a family environment all his life, Lex is a beautiful-looking greyhound, His brindle coat gleams in the sunshine, He is one of the least demanding greyhounds which the owners have had, He is quite happy to spend most of the day lying on his bed or lazing in his paddock, He will go for a walk when you decide you are going and doesn't make a lot of noise when other dogs are taken out.  He is also quite a clean greyhound.

BAD HABIT: Lex is not great at sharing a bench with another greyhound.  He likes to protect his own space and will be aggressive for a short period each evening with another dog he has to share a bench with.  Similarly, although less so, if he is sharing the back of the car with another greyhound he will occasionally bark at the other dog if he feels his personal space is threatened. This being the case then it would probably be wise for Lex to be rehomed into a home which does not already have a pet

Medical history: He had some muscular injuries around his hamstring, hip, triangular muscle area but this does not affect his daily life in any way

Available for rehoming: Early September 2017