Lakeview Rocket

Race Name: Lakeview Rocket

Pet name: Rocket

Earmark: MNQSV

Colour: Blue

Date of Birth: 17/06/2012

Sex: Male

Height: 65cms - Weight: 30Kgs

General Temperament: A very quiet and unassuming type of greyhound

Temperament around children: There has never been any issues with this greyhound around children

Temperament around other breeds of dog: Coming from an environment where he is in regular contact with a springer spaniel and never showed aggression towards this dog

Temperament around cats: Not cat friendly

Other information: A greyhound who appears to have all the characteristics to suggest that he will make a great pet, Likely to be a little shy/reserved/standoffish around those who he is unfamiliar with but will warm to those who he becomes friendly with, A greyhound who behaves himself well when out and about on a lead, A soft, kind hearted greyhound who is not an overly large male

Medical History: Retiring fit and healthy

Available for re-homing: Ready and available for immediate rehoming