Lorcans Cap

Race name: Lorcans Cap

Pet Name: Lorcan

Earmark: NLEQX

Colour: Black

Date of Birth: 05/07/2013

Sex: Male

Height: 69cms - Weight: 30Kgs

General Temperament: A lovely friendly greyhound

Temperament around children: Has never shown aggression around young or old

Temperament around other breeds of dog: Has never shown aggression around other breeds of dogs

Temperament around cats: Not cat friendly

Other information: Has a very friendly and passive nature, An outgoing greyhound who adores human interaction, Would appear to have all of the characteristics to suggest that he will make an excellent pet, A greyhound who adores human interaction and loves playing about in a small paddock, Full of fun and full of beans.

Medical history: Retired fit and healthy

Available for rehoming: Late July / Early August