Odell Tornado

Race Name: Odell Tornado

Pet Name: Leo

Earmark: PPHBK

Colour: Black & White

Date of Birth: 03/09/2014

Sex: Male

Weight: 31Kgs

General Temperament: A very friendly & very cheeky dog, A greyhound with real character

Temperament around children: No issues when being handled and controlled by children, A very kind natured greyhound

Temperament around other breeds of dogs: Very Good, Is not aggressive in any way

Compatibility with cats: Not cat friendly

Other information: Affectionate & outgoing, A greyhound who really enjoys his walks, Adores human interaction, Is not a fussy eater, A greyhound who has experience of living in a home environment so he already knows what exactly a couch is for…

Medical History: In 2016 Leo fractured his stopper bone, Has now had time to heal and this old injury does not affect his daily life in any way

Available for rehoming: Mid June