Our Camas Star

Race name: Our Camas Star

Pet Name: Damo

Earmark: PSQHX

Colour: Brindle

Date of Birth: 27/2/2014

Sex: Male

Weight: 44.5Kgs – Height: 74cms

General Temperament: An extremely large greyhound who is very friendly

Temperament around children: His very large frame would suggest that he may be a bit strong for young children

Temperament around other breeds of dog: Has never shown aggression around large dogs and has not had any experience of living in an environment with small dogs

Temperament around cats: Unlikely to be cat friendly

Other information:  A real gentle giant, A kind hearted and placid greyhound who may be a little reserved at first but will warm to those who he gets familiar with, Should be a different greyhound after a few days in his new environment, Adores human interaction

Medical history: Received a deep cut to a leg in July but responded to veterinary treatment and this has now fully healed

Available for rehoming: Early September 2017