Our Top Man

Greyhound name: Our Top Man

Pet Name: Sunny

Earmark: NUIPB

Colour: White & Fawn

Date of Birth: 02/06/2013

Sex: Male

General temperament: He's a very cheerful and friendly dog, although he needs a few days to get to know new people ( too much petting/physical contact from strangers make him feel uncomfortable and he can growl, but after a few days he's the one asking for affection ). He's very athletic and strong, loves jumping at people to greet them, so I wouldn't recommend him for a family with young kids. I've started training him out of this jumping habit but it'll need to be followed up by new owner. He's very quiet in his kennel, very clean and a very good appetite. He's not chewing things, he's not a barker either. Very good on the lead and always very happy to go for long walks. He has no experience of other breeds and I don't have him long enough to know how he'd react, so I'd say any new introduction should be done carefully. He tends to get a little too excited if other hounds are running/messing around, and while very confident he's not dominant. Behaves well with other well behaved hounds. He's a striking looking boy, I got loads of compliments over his good looks.

Medical history: he's in very good shape overall, weighing at around 73lbs ( 33-34kg ). Has had some slight muscle niggles but they do not bother him at all in his daily life. Injured his left shoulder over 1 year ago but there are no side effects i.e. limping or other