Rockalong Spice

Race name: Rockalong Spice

Pet Name: Spice

Earmark: PTXKS

Colour: Black

Date of Birth: 20/07/2014

Sex: Female

Weight: 29Kgs

Height (ground to top of shoulder): 67cms

General Temperament: Very friendly and outgoing

Temperament around children: A very friendly greyhound around all ages

Temperament around other breeds of dog: Mixes well with other breeds of dog

Temperament around cats: Not compatible

Other information: A greyhound who is very laid back and enjoys human interaction, Showing all the characteristics to suggest that she will make a great pet, Kind natured and obedient, Very clean in her kennel so is likely to adapt quickly to a home environment and should be easily house trained

Medical history: Fit and healthy in every way

Available for rehoming/transporting: Mid July