Thats Amusing

Race Name: Thats Amusing

Pet Name: Blackie

Colour: Black

DOB: 1/9/14

Sex: Male

Height: 72 cm - Weight: 35 Kg

General Temperament: A placid and quiet greyhound

Temperament with children: Has always acted in a friendly manner around children and has never shown aggression around them

Temperament with other dogs: Has never shown aggression when in the company of other breeds of dog

Temperament around Cats: Unlikely to be cat friendly

Other information: A greyhound who is easy to handle and control when out walking on a lead, He is a very clean dog in his kennels (he has never wet or dirtied in his kennels) which would suggest that he would adapt pretty quickly into a home environment, A greyhound who loves to be interacting with people and is kind natured, outgoing and friendly

Medical history: Broke a Metatarsal in May 2016 but fully recovered following veterinary treatment, Does not show any lameness from this old injury

Available for rehoming: Early September 2017