Thinly Veiled

Race name: Thinly Veiled

Pet Name: Thinly

Earmark: NUKIB

Colour: Dark Brindle

Date of Birth: 10/12/2013

Sex: Male

Weight: 36Kgs

General Temperament: Good temperament, A well built and lively greyhound

Temperament around children:  Has never shown aggression around children

Temperament around other breeds of dog: Has not acted in an aggressive manner  when encountering the family terrier

Temperament around cats: Not cat friendly

Other information: A large, friendly, sprightly and outgoing greyhound who would be best suited to an active person, A strong greyhound on a lead, Loves to show affection, A wonderful looking greyhound

Medical history: Chipped a bone in his wrist in early December but this has now fully healed and does not affect his daily life in any way, Does not walk with a limp, Still enjoys his exercise off lead

Available for rehoming: Early September