West End Boy

Race name: West End Boy

Pet Name: Max

Earmark: PYUIK

Colour: Black

Date of Birth: 12/4/2014

Sex: Male

Weight: 33Kgs

General Temperament: A very nice friendly and outgoing greyhound

Temperament around children: A kind natured greyhound in every way and used to being handled by children

Temperament around other breeds of dog: Has never shown aggression around other greyhounds and has had several different kennel mates, Has not had any experience of being around small dogs but his personality would suggest that he would be accepting of small dogs once he got used to them being around

Temperament around cats: Has never encountered cats

Other information: An obedient and well mannered greyhound who never gave a days trouble in his kennels, A very clean greyhound who never dirtied his kennel, Adores human interaction and being made a fuss of, His friendly and outgoing personality would suggest that he would make a great pet and companion

Medical history: Chipped a bone in his hock in Spring 2017, Received veterinary treatment at the time and the decision was made for the greyhound to be retired and rehomed once his hock had fully recovered, His hock has now fully recovered and the old injury does not affect his daily life in any way

Available for rehoming: Available for immediate rehoming