Canine Buddies Responsible Dog Ownership Educational Programme

The Irish Retired Greyhound Trust are currently sponsoring the Canine Buddies Responsible Dog Ownership Educational Programme and Good Citizen Dog Scheme 2016 and as a result of this Sponsorship Canine Buddies have incorporated into their programme this year “Greyhounds as a family pet and companion”.

Canine Buddies was launched in 2012 by Mrs Carmel Marzouk to promote Responsible Dog Ownership and the Good Citizen Dog Scheme. Since then Canine Buddies have visited many schools, clubs and organisations. The organisation run an annual charity dog show as a fundraiser for local and national charities and in 2016 incorporated the All-Ireland Retired Greyhound Qualifiers into their show.

Topics covered in the Workshops:

• To promote the care and well-being of greyhounds in Ireland
• To improve the care and conditions in which many greyhounds in Ireland are kept and to enhance their status as companion animals

Every greyhound deserves a forever home to enjoy their retirement with comfort, dignity and companionship.

Greyhounds are calm, quiet and docile dogs that crave the comfort of a soft bed or couch almost as much as the company of their people. Affectionate and gentle natured, they soon bond with their adopted family, and easily adapt to life in a home.
Canine Buddies look forward to working with the Irish Retired Greyhound Trust in the future and hopefully this collaboration can make a difference in the attitude towards Greyhounds as family pets and companions.