Greyhound Education Programme

Greyhound Education Programme

As part of our passion for retired greyhounds, we're working to expand understanding of what 'greyt' pets they make!

We'd love to visit your community group, Further Education college, school, or children's group with one of our greyhound Ambassadogs to give a free talk or workshop about our work at IRGT, and all about greyhounds as pets.


Community Groups

We can give a talk about any aspect of our work at IRGT from an overview of our work to more specific talks for example, focusing on how we prepare greyhounds for life as a family companion, their health and welfare in retirement, etc.

If you'd like a free visit from one of our team and their greyhound Ambassadog, please email

Further Education Colleges

If your students would enjoy a visit from one of our greyhound Ambassadogs with a talk or workshop focusing on specific area of our work from marketing, fundraising to dog behaviour or how we go about assessing our greyhounds to help them find a fantastic home we'd be delighted to tailor a visit to your needs - maybe your students could do with a bit of emotional support during their exams, in which case we could visit with greyhounds to help them relax and remain calm before/afterwards!

Please contact us via to organise a visit and we can discuss your needs.  

School Groups

Our School talks and workshops are conducted and tailored for in classroom learning, and for older age groups (over 12 years old), sessions can be tailored to include specific subject areas such as biology, or other aspects of our work such as marketing. 


Learning Objectives:
  • Educate children in the care and welfare of dogs
  • Educate children with regards staying safe around dogs
  • Encourage development of empathy for others
Methodology: What is the IRGT, what do we do?
  • Tell the story of our visiting IRGT Ambassadog, their life so far and how they became an Ambassadog to showcase their fellow retired greyhounds as fabulous family companions.
  • Engage children with details of what a retired greyhound needs to be happy and healthy (it's not so different to what we need), and how (just like us) we need to brush their teeth!
  • Chat about how fast greyhounds run and other fascinating facts about them that make them so special, and also just how much they love chilling out and sleeping!
Planning our visit:
  1. Email us at with details of Date | Class size | Location
  2. Our team will confirm the visit and send a full learning plan


All IRGT representatives are fully insured and our greyhound Ambassadogs are assessed prior to taking up their role.

A copy of our insurance is available on request.

One of our team on a school visit: