Beautiful busty looking for home

Race name: Burrow Busty Pet name: Busty Date of Birth: Weight: Busty is a friendly affectionate dog. He gets on well with other dogs and is fine with children.


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Nice Ned looking for a home

Racename: Nedthecooper Name: Ned DOB: 01 March 2019 Colour: black Sex: male Weight: 32 kgs/ 72 pounds Ned is a lovely easy-going boy. He has a naturally shy going nature until he gets to know you. He is very comfortable & happy once he has grown to know someone. He loves walks and then is happy to relax. He would suit a relaxed home where he can have time to get to know you. Ned is good with other breeds of dogs both large and small. Due to his shyness at first, he would be best suited to older children approx 12+.


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Sky is 2.5 years old. She is a lovely quiet bitch. She enjoys going for walks and eating nice food. Sky gets on well with all dogs. 


Godfather D.O.B 28/10/19. Weight - 72 pounds. Energetic dog. Very Friendly and playful. Loves running in the fields. Good around smaller dogs. Used to being around small children.

Sizzler looking for a home

Sizzler DOB: 01/05/2018 Weight 75lbs Placid dog with good temperment. Enjoys snoozing and getting affection. He loves home comforts. He gets on well with small dogs. He was raised with children so a perfect pet for any family


Rage Madonna – pet name Madge beautiful brindle bitch, as her name suggests she is a real Madonna, a little timid at first but once she gets to know you she is an attention seeker, loves to be the centre of attention. Very ladylike on the lead- head high and tail wagging Gentle by nature she is great around children , no issues with other dogs big or small ( no cats). 24kg in weight 45 cm in height


Hadtobe Susie pet name Susie Young black bitch. Outgoing, friendly, attention seeker full of joys of life ok with children and all dogs - no experience with cats 26gs in weight 42cm height


Racename: Ascot teddy Pet name: Teddy DOB: December 2018 Teddy is a very kind gentle boy who is a pure gentleman. Teddy is great with children and small dogs. teddy had a previous hock injury which is fully healed and no longer causes him any issues.


Hadtobe Madonna Pet name Mad Young brindle bitch Outgoing, friendly, attention seeker full of joys of life ok with children and all dogs - no experience with cats 24 kg weight 46cm height

Mandeville fly

Mandeville fly is one of our older residents looking for a home at 7 years old. She is a lively girl considering her age. She is great with every dog she eats. She is toilet trained and will let you know when she needs to go bathroom.


Born in October 2021. Eric is still very young and puppy like. Eric can be a bit shy at first but excellent with other dogs.


Born on 11/05/2021 James is approx. 80 pounds. He has no known injuries. He is a bubbly boy, very friendly and affectionate. He is very clean in his kennel, loves other dogs and gets on great with kids. He is excellent on the lead, loves his rubs and treats. He takes everything in his stride he will make the perfect pet.

Lady Lucy

Pet name: Lucy Sex: Female DOB: 25 February 2021 Weight: 27 kg approx Colour: black Lucy is a sweet and playful girl. Lucy has been fine with young children and is good with other medium and large breeds of dogs. She was a little curious to see a small breed for the first time but we reckon with more introductions, she would be fine with small breeds also. She has taken to new people quickly and she is so gentle on the lead and loves walks, cuddles and playing with toys. She would make a great pet.


Racename: Barra Rocky Pet name Rocky DOB: January 2021 Rocky is a lovely dog with great temperment. He loves his food. He was raised with kids. He can get excited and jump around looking for attention. He is excellent on the lead

Bale looking for a home

Racename: Lismadine bale Pet name: Bale DOB: 24/10/2020 Very good with kids and friendly with people. Good with other dogs, has little experience with small dogs, but I would say he would get use to them quickly. Has met a few at our local beach and was fine with them. Very good on the lead, a great walker.Energy would be on the high side. “ Bale is a very friendly energetic dog that loves been around kids, enjoys human interaction, loves his daily walks and chills out during his relaxation time, and he gets excited at dinner time, loves his food.”

Picky Licky

PICKY Race name: WELL PICKY Pet Name: PICKY Earmark: XR SRV Height: 80cm Weight: 38kg General description of temperament/personality: Picky has a very gentle disposition. He is very healthy and fit, so his playful side will come out at some point every day. He is very trusting of the human hand and therefore is largely compliant in all tasks. He’s confident without being brash and welcomes affection at every turn. Temperament around/ interacting with children: Has been exposed to children of varying ages and has always been very good. He’s not a jumper! Temperament around small and large breeds of dog: He has no experience of dogs, other than greyhounds. Temperament around cats: Not cat friendly. He is a dog I believe could be trained to live with cats and small dogs, but training would be needed! Attributes that suggest that your greyhound will make a wonderful pet: Picky is typical of his family, of which many have been rehomed very successfully as absolute couch potatoes. He is very placid, even by greyhound standards, highly compliant in practically all tasks, and accepts friends readily. He is also extremely clean in his kennel. He will easily take to a new routine in terms of his outdoor needs (within reason) and it is obvious that he prefers his own space to be clean, he respects his kennel and it would be quite a shock to ever find it dirty. He is highly intelligent, even by greyhound standards, and a great companion to spend time with. Medical history: Picky has lived his life so far with his breeders and there has never been a noteworthy medical issue to affect his well-being. Strict regimes have always been observed in terms of vaccinations, worming etc, and Picky hasn’t had so much as a sniffle.

Solana looking for a home

Racename: Burren Solana
Pet name: solana
DOB: September 2019
Solana is a beautful girl, she is very friendly.
Solana is good with small dogs, however she is NOT good with cats. Solana is fully toilet trained. Solana would love to find a home where she is the centre of attention and gets to run and play with her humans.

Charming Charlie looking for home

Racename: Come on charlie Pet name Charlie DOB: December 2018 Charlie is a lovely laid back boy. He is good on the lead, good with kids. Charlie doesnt have much experience with small dogs.

Willow looking for new home

Racename: Rockmount willow Petname: Willow DOB: April 2019 Willow is a little pet, she is very lovable. Willow has no nerves, she is a real darling and would make an ideal pet and companion. Willos is good with kids but untested with small dogs.

knowledge looking for home

*Knowledge*- D.O.B 21/10/18. Weight - 70 pounds. Lovely dog who is happy to do his own thing but also likes to be petted. Very playful with other dogs. Loves running around the fields. Good around smaller dogs. Used to being around small children.

Race name: Norristown Game Pet name: Lucy Very laid back No issues with children. Good with dogs, big and small. Relaxed, does everything right. Low maintenance. Loves sleeping, eating and walking. No medical issuing.

Racename: Carls bush girl Pet name: Blackie DOB: 27/07/2018 Blackie is very placid girl. She is very friendly. She gets on well with other dogs. She loves her walks and is great on the lead.

Name: Wilbrook Bella Pet Name: Yoda DOB: 11-05-21 Earmark: XV KVN Bella is a lovely girl. She has no nerves whatsoever and loves meeting new people. She's very affectionate and loves cuddles. She's good with kids and all humans. She's very clean in her kennel. She doesnt have expereince with other breeds of dogs but gets on great with other greyhounds and is very playful. She's very good on her lead and loves her food. Whoever would get Bella as a pet would be very lucky she is a very sweet girl.

Race Name: Grangeview Mac Pet Name: Mac Ear Marks: UNHPQ DOB: 01/10/2019 Mac, or Big Mac, the Mac Daddy, Macca is as playful as his name suggests. He is looking for a loving home where he can play with toys and be his cheeky self but also get ALL THE PATS and love and treats. He has no experience with small dogs or cats

Race Name: Rhys Lad Pet Name: Sam Earmark: XV LML Sex: Dog Date of Birth 8 July ‘21 Colour: Black Sam is a sweet boy. He is a shy until he gets to know you. A young dog …he is still learning about the world. He can get spooked in new environments and doesn't like loud noises. His new owner will need to work with him to help with his confidence. In the right environment he will shine. He is a big gangly boy but is easy to manage and is not a demanding dog. Sam would only be suited to an adult home. No small dogs . Will be ok with medium/large dogs if introduced properly. Sam is a shy boy who will need someone to build his confidence. He can get spooked. Once he trusts you he is a lovely friendly boy. He is only young and is still a bit puppyish. An experienced and patient handler will help him to show his sweet personality. He is a good eater and a great traveler in the car. He enjoys a good ear scratch and a chat. Will be best suited to a quiet environment in the company of adults. Another dog may help him settle. Sam is a young greyhound who never had any injuries. He has had ear infections in the past so his ears will need to be monitored and regularly cleaned to prevent reoccurrence.

Race Name: Kevinsfort Girl Pet Name: Maddie Earmark: XV PQN Sex: B Date of Birth: 8 July ‘21 Colour: White and Brindle Maddie is a friendly girl who is full of energy . She loves meeting people and enjoys lots of attention. She is a high energy girl who enjoys her exercise. She is a zoomy expert! Maddie has not met any very young children but she would get on fine with older children. No small dogs . Will be ok with medium/large dogs if introduced properly. Overall summary of greyhound/Ideally suited for: Maddie is a friendly young greyhound who never raced. She is a high energy girl who likes to run and run. She would be suited to an active family with lots of space for her to run around. She would not be suitable to be left alone at home for long periods. She is young and is still a little immature. She is a good eater and a great traveler in the car. She enjoys a good ear scratch and a chat. Maddie is a young greyhound who never had any injuries or health problems.

Katie looking for a home

Snow Katie Pet name: Katie She is full of life and is a very affectionate girl. Hasn't much experience with children, but should get on great with them. Gets on with a medium sized older sheepdog, no sure about cats. She will make a great pet as all she wants is attention and cuddles and will nudge you with her head to get them! She's in good health and was never injured Weight: 27kgs Height: 27 inches

Actice boy looking for home

Racename: bewildering DOB: 16/03/2021 Bewildering is a very active boy who is looking for an active home where he will be excercised daily. bewildering is a very clever boy and would love to learn new tricks for some treats with his new family. if you think you can offer this gorgeous black beauty a home please email us at

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