How to rehome your greyhound when he/she is retired from racing?

 1. Contact the Irish Retired Greyhound Trust

Place your greyhounds name on the IRGT Rehoming List by completing this form, by contacting the team on 061-448089, or emailing

2. Photograph your Greyhound

Email 3 good quality photographs of your greyhound

  • Please ensure that the greyhound is full length, side view, unmuzzled and any other manner in which you feel would display what a great pet your greyhound would make.


3. Provide some key details on your greyhound

Please include the following information with the above email or complete the 'Adding a Retired Greyhound to the Rehoming List' form linked above:

  • Race name:
  • Pet Name:
  • Earmark:
  • Height (cm - ground to top of shoulder):
  • Weight (kg):
  • General description of temperament/personality:
  • Temperament around/ interacting with children: 
  • Temperament around small and large breeds of dog:
  • Temperament around cats: 
  • Attributes that suggest that your greyhound will make a wonderful pet:
  • Medical history (including information of all old race injuries/issues):
  • Date available for rehoming (Three weeks after Rabies & Spay):
  • Name of Veterinary surgeon who you expect to prepare your greyhound for rehoming:

This information will then be shared with IRGT partner rehoming organisations and shared on IRGT social media.

4. Visit your Vet for rehoming procedures

Greyhounds then need to be taken to your chosen Veterinary Surgeon for pre-rehoming procedures:


(a) Neutering

(b) Pet Passport

(c) DHPPi vaccination

(d) L4 vaccination

(e) Rabies vaccination

(f) Kennel Cough vaccination


RCÉ and IRGT will pay €130 towards the above procedures

Should your greyhound need to undergo a dental procedure prior to being rehomed, please click here to view financial support available for retired greyhound dental work.


Please be aware it is the responsibility of the owner to contact veterinary practices in their area and choose the vet which has the most affordable prices as IRGT only provide the funding outlined above.

Please provide details of your Vet in the above mentioned email, in advance of booking your greyhound in to allow the Vet to be fully briefed on what is required/payment process.

N.B.: Please ensure that your Veterinary Surgeon records all procedure (including date of neutering) on the greyhound's Pet Passport prior to taking possession of the Pet Passport

Next Steps

5. Your Greyhound will remain with you while waiting to come into a rehoming kennel space

Owners will be required to keep their greyhounds until there is availability for a rehoming kennel space. Greyhounds are brought into care for final assessment and preparations ahead of being rehomed, either here in Ireland or through a partner rehoming organisation overseas.

An alternative option is available at €200 per greyhound which will involve a shorter waiting period before a greyhound comes into a rehoming kennel space (Cheques/Drafts/Postal Orders to be made out to Greyhound Racing Ireland). Owners may also pay over the phone by contacting the GRI rehoming team on 061-448089. Owners will be provided with a receipt for this fee, which contributes towards the costs of keeping the greyhound in care until a forever home is found. 


6. Carry your greyhound to the agreed pick-up point

Once space becomes available and we can bring your greyhound into care, we will be in touch to arrange for you to drop off your greyhound, or to meet at a mutually agreed location.

7. Update RCÉTS and Notify the ICC

All owners will be required to update RCÉTS (Rásaíocht Con Éireann/ Greyhound Racing Ireland Traceability System).

Owner must also notify the ICC of the rehoming of their greyhound -