IRGT Greyhound Care Centres

IRGT operates two Greyhound Care Centres, set up to promote and support retired racing greyhounds in finding loving homes as pets with families across Ireland.

Greyhounds are assisted in undertaking the transition from racing athlete to family pet, ready to enjoy life in a home environment.

Located near Croom, Co. Limerick and near Kilcullen in Co. Kildare, these two facilities offer locations for families hoping to adopt a greyhound to visit, meet those greyhounds our team feel are a likely match for their needs and circumstances, and begin to get to know them before deciding who might be their new family companion. 

Appointments to visit one of our Care Centres are made following the completion of an Adoption Application Form and once a successful home visit has been undertaken.

For further information on Greyhound Adoption or our Care Centres, please contact the IRGT on or call us on 061-448089.

IRGT Care Centres

Near Croom, Co. Limerick:

Near Kilcullen, Co. Kildare: